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Cleaning in the Oil, Gas, & Renewables industry is a complex task, but our waterjetting equipment makes it easy. We offer a variety of tools and techniques to handle a wide range of industrial cleaning projects, from removing old coatings and rust to general cleaning and corrosion control.

Our high-pressure waterjetting systems are perfect for cleaning marine fouling, barnacles, loose paint, coatings, and rust from ballast tanks, double bottoms, pillars, scaffolding, and more. We also have specialized tools for cleaning casings and coiled tubing, providing a safe and efficient solution for these unique challenges. With our equipment, you can get the job done quickly and without interruption to your round-the-clock operations.


Casings are an intricate piece to the offshore drilling process and a piece that must be kept clean. As casing operations occur periodically during the drilling process, waterjetting is a great solution to keeping them free of oil, dust, and debris.

Coiled Tubing/Downhole

Maintaining the integrity of coiled tubing in the oil and gas industry is essential for smooth operations. Traditional cleaning methods can be time-consuming and labor-intensive, but with StoneAge's advanced waterjetting solutions, the task becomes significantly more manageable.

Heat Exchangers

Regular cleaning and maintenance of heat exchangers ensures a smooth process flow for system operations. Using waterjetting to clean these necessary pieces of equipment provides a safe, effective, and time-efficient method that promises to remove dirt, debris, and all types of build-ups.


Waterblasting is a near-perfect application for the cleaning of process pipes. By removing solids or deposits from pipes, equipment is guaranteed to run at maximum productivity, with limited downtime, through a proven safe and efficient method.

Surface Preparation

The waterjetting application can cut through paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, and other surface deposits, leaving equipment clean and ready to work. The process is very controllable, making it an extremely safe and effective solution for cleaning tough surfaces and deposits.