Do you need help with

unique industrial cleaning challenges? removing coke from a furnace? cleaning the inside of a boiler? removing marine growth from ship hulls? cleaning heat exchangers with long channel heads? cleaning large tunnels?

We engineer custom solutions for industrial cleaning.

StoneAge Solutions: We love a good CHALLENGE

Our tools have changed the way industry experts clean and have, in turn, become the standard in quality, reliability, and efficiency. For most situations, we already stock the perfect tool for the job – but sometimes, you just need a little more. The StoneAge Solutions team is excited to help you complete complicated and arduous cleaning jobs with purpose-built tools or systems, so you can start seeing better returns.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_conveyor-food_01.jpg?width=418&height=160

Cleaning Food Processing Equipment

Ovens, Roasters, Conveyors, Tanks, Piping

Waterblasting can quickly and safely clean industrial ovens, roasters, and conveyor systems to ensure health and safety standards are continuously met while addressing requirements for minimal down times.

Large or Irregular Surface Cleaning

Surface cleaning & Preparation

Waterblasting effectively cleans all types, shapes, and sizes of surfaces to the base, providing an excellent bonding surface for material repair and new coating applications.

Paint & Coating Manufacturing Equipment

Paint facilities, latex, rubber

Cleaning equipment used in paint and coating manufacturing presents unique challenges due to the nature of the materials involved and the need to maintain product quality and safety. 


Custom-engineered waterblasting solutions to tackle the most challenging industrial cleaning jobs

We love helping you solve tough cleaning challenges. The StoneAge Solutions team engineers custom solutions to help service providers and plants clean the most difficult applications. Our custom solutions range from simple product modifications to comprehensive turnkey packages. Backed by a complete product portfolio and full-service engineering capabilities, we address your specific needs with practical solutions that are not overcomplicated or overpriced.

You never know what you'll walk into on your next industrial cleaning job. Rest assured you can rely on a team of experts to help you get the job done right.