Tools & Equipment for cleaning Casings

Destroy Deposits with Powerful Jetting Nozzles

Casings are an intricate piece to the offshore drilling process and a piece that must be kept clean. As casing operations occur periodically during the drilling process, waterjetting is a great solution to keeping them free of oil, dust, and debris.

At StoneAge, we offer specialized downhole nozzles for cleaning casings. These nozzles are extremely durable, featuring controlled rotation jets that can effectively cut through a variety of deposits such as paraffin, hydrates, and mineral scale. Our tools have a straight flow-through design with a leak-free high-pressure seal, ensuring that pump power is not wasted.

Automated Equipment


StoneAge Solutions can customize our versatile Blastrack system for efficient, hands-free cleaning of many horizontal, vertical, or curved surfaces.

Rotary Tools


For medium to very large pipes, the BJV can be configured for cleaning applications including pipes, stacks, tanks, rail cars, conveyors, tunnels, and more.

Safety & Accessories

Backout Prevention Devices

Backout preventers are required safety measures for high-pressure pipe and tube cleaning to inhibit tools from exiting the pipe during operation.

Don't see the Solution you're looking for?

The StoneAge Solutions team can engineer custom equipment to help service providers and plants clean the most difficult applications.

Our custom cleaning solutions range from simple product modifications to comprehensive turnkey packages. Since you never know what you’ll walk into on your next industrial cleaning job, know that you can rely on a team of experts to help you get the job done right.

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