Waterblast Tools for Cleaning Mining Industry Equipment

Used to remove dirt, grime, coatings, and other hard deposits from surfaces, waterblasting is ideal for cleaning industrial mining equipment. Clean faster, safer, and better with StoneAge's waterblast tooling and equipment.

Filter Presses

Separating mining liquids and solids expose filter presses to various slurry chemicals. High-pressure water safely blasts away any material or residue adhering to the press.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_tube_02.jpg?width=418&height=160

Heat Exchangers

StoneAge has transformed tube cleaning methods with advanced tools and smart technology so that fouling can be cleaned quickly, safely, and effectively from high volumes of tubes.

Pipes, Drains, & Process Lines

As a proven, safe, and efficient cleaning method, waterblasting removes blockages, sticky residues, and build up from pipes, drains, and process lines to support continuous, efficient operations.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_surface_03.jpg?width=418&height=160

Surface Preparation

Removing paint, dirt, chemicals, and other stubborn fouling often provides unique challenges. With waterblasting tools, surfaces of all types are cleaned effectively and efficiently, making a difficult task easy.