Tools & Equipment for Surface Cleaning & Preparation

Innovative Solutions for Surface Cleaning

Cleaning away thick and corrosive deposits can provide unique challenges for asset owners and managers. Traditional cleaning methods can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the use of high-pressure waterjetting, the toughest of surface cleaning tasks become much easier. The waterjetting application can cut through paint, elastomers, epoxy, corrosion, and other surface deposits, leaving equipment clean and ready to work.

Our equipment ensures a controllable process, making it an extremely safe and effective solution for cleaning tough surfaces and deposits. We offer remote-controlled shotgunning for a hands-free experience, increasing operator safety by removing them from the blast zone. We also have lightweight shotgun nozzles ideal for cleaning thick, hard-to-remove materials like rubber or rust, that can be used on our automated equipment. Our nozzles pressures range from 5-44k psi. Trust StoneAge's high-pressure waterjetting technology to effortlessly remove thick and corrosive deposits, improving safety and efficiency.

Automated Equipment

Rotation Cleaning Tools

Self-rotary and powered rotation tools enable head rotation control for quality results in diverse surface cleaning applications.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_striker_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


The Striker combines a rotary shotgun arm and positioning system for safe, accurate hands-free shotgun cleaning.


StoneAge Solutions can customize our versatile Blastrack system for efficient, hands-free cleaning of many horizontal, vertical, or curved surfaces.

Rotary Tools,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_barracuda_02.jpg?width=418&height=160


For use on automated and hands-free equipment, the Barracuda is a speed-controlled rotary shotgun tool ideal for cleaning tough materials like coke or rubber.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_SPFR_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


The Spitfire is an extra lightweight rotary shotgun tool designed for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where manual shotgun cleaning is required.

Don't see the Solution you're looking for?

The StoneAge Solutions team can engineer custom equipment to help service providers and plants clean the most difficult applications.

Our custom cleaning solutions range from simple product modifications to comprehensive turnkey packages. Since you never know what you’ll walk into on your next industrial cleaning job, know that you can rely on a team of experts to help you get the job done right.

Coke refractory removal