Blastrack Surface Cleaning System

The Blastrack offers mechanized, controlled linear cleaning. By utilizing various combinations of StoneAge cleaning components, the system is adaptable to clean almost any surface, from large horizontal or vertical surfaces like walls, tanks, and conveyors to cylindrical objects like pilings, caissons, and piers.

Adaptable to almost any application, Blastrack systems are far safer and more effective than manual shotgunning.

Surface Cleaning Adapted to Your Requirements

The Blastrack is a component-based system that can be adapted to a large range of surface cleaning jobs - we affectionately refer to it as our "erector set" for industrial cleaning applications. 

The primary components of a Blastrack system are:

  • The drive tractor
  • Slotted rail, straight or curved
  • A powered waterjet cleaning assembly
  • Remote control panel

Blastrack systems can be used with any pressure range from 2,000 to 40,000 psi and feature independent speed and rotation controls. Our versatile box rail track, straight or curved, can be spliced to any length required for the job. StoneAge offers a range of cleaning heads optimized to the system's requirements.

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Custom Blastrack system for cleaning tunnel walls

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Custom Blastrack system for process pipe cleaning

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Circular Blastrack engineered to clean round surfaces such as pilings and columns

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Blastrack pylon cleaning system by Proserv™ Offshore

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Blastrack systems utilize a base set of components

Blastrack automated hydroblasting system

Powered rotary cleaning option for cleaning a wide path

Pressurized water effectively removes deposits, coatings, and corrosion from various materials, including metals, plastics, and concrete. This cleaning process provides an excellent bonding surface for material repair and new coating applications. Waterblasting is traditionally performed manually with shotguns at extremely high pressures. Automating the cleaning process removes operators from the dangers of handling pressurized equipment with effective and repeatable cleaning results.

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