Jack Track

The Best Cutting System on the Market

The Jack Track is a versatile cold cutting system that can perform straight, radial, and pipe cuts. Developed for precision cutting but capable of scrap cutting as well, the Jack Track's lightweight and user-friendly construction allows for a single operator to set up, pierce the cutting surface, and cut in minutes.

  • Designed to handle 95% of all cutting applications in the field
  • Lightweight construction enables a single operator to complete setup and cut in minutes
  • System calculator helps operators successfully plan and perform a wide range of cutting jobs

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Why the Jack Track?

Originally developed by Terydon, the Jack Track has long been recognized as an innovative and easy-to-use system for industrial cutting applications. Since joining StoneAge, the original development team continues to support and refine the system for added capability.

Key Features

  • Semi-rigid, flexible drive track adapts to surface contours while providing a robust base for straight, reliable cuts
  • Magnetic or vacuum pods allow easy positioning and stabilize the system during operation
  • Toothless engagement with drive rail eliminates the "cogging" of typical gear drives, resulting in smoother cuts
  • Easily expandable by splicing multiple tracks together
  • Multiple configurations available to accommodate different types of cuts, precision requirements, and power sources
Jack Track cold cutting system

Preferred Cutting Method

  • Cold cutting with pressurized water replaces "hot work" with torches and grinders in volatile environments such as fuel tanks
  • The water jet can cut through multiple layers of surface in a single pass, including beveled cuts
  • Environmentally friendly and low dust

Safe Operation

  • Remote control removes operator from blast zone
  • Safety switch turns all functions off when operator's thumb is removed from controller
  • Additional Drop Sensor on wireless version recognizes irregular motion and instantly turns off all functions without operator intervention

Ease Of Use

  • Highly portable and lightweight
  • Entire system can be set up and utilized by a single operator with minimal tooling
  • Easily expandable and configurable
  • User-friendly controller

Jack Track System Configurations

The Jack Track is available in packages containing the straight track, circle/pipe cutter, and mini radius cutter. These accessories are also available a la carte.

Jack Track Straight Flex Cutter

Straight Flex Cutter

Lightweight, modular track system for precision cutting

Configurable for straight, beveled, and radial cutting of surfaces

Designed with a cutting-edge venturi system for maximum media suction and minimal equipment wear

Adjustable feed rate control allows for cutting at 20-50k pressures, 1/8"-12" per minute

Rigid or Flex track options available

12VDC wireless, 12VDC cabled, Hydraulic, and Pneumatic control options available

Jack Track Pipe Cutter

Circle/Pipe Cutter

Circular track configuration for large diameter cuts

Magnetic or suction mount options for radius cutting

Bracket mount option for pipe cutting

Aluminum construction

12VDC, hydraulic, or pneumatic control options

Radius cutting: Cuts up to 48” diameter

Pipe cutting: Cuts pipe 3” - 24” diameter

Jack Track Mini Radius Cutter

Mini Radius Cutter

System accessory for small diameter cuts

Specifically designed for cutting corner radii and small holes

Cuts radii greater than or equal to 3.25”

12VDC, hydraulic, or pneumatic power options

Magnetic/suction mount

Adjustable 1/8” to 12” per minute feed rate

Center pin for easy location to scribed point

Next Generation Cutting at your fingertips

The Jack Track cutting system puts wireless control in the palm of your hand. Two rugged, military-grade tablets are included with the wireless system configuration. Additionally, the Jack Track app, available for download on Android and Windows PC, provides intuitive access to operation manuals, exploded views, and video tutorials.

  • Android platform
  • 8 inch screen
  • 12+ hour battery life
Jack Track wireless cutting sytem