Tools & Equipment for cleaning Fin Fan Units

Adaptable Equipment for Finned Tube Cleaning

Fin Fan Aerial Units play an essential role in the cooling of flammable and volatile liquids in chemical and petrochemical facilities. Cooling is completed by moving cold air over an array of finned tubes, which need to be cleaned regularly to ensure smooth process flow and maximize their lifetime. Traditional cleaning methods can be difficult and time-consuming, but with the use of high-pressure waterjetting, the task becomes much easier.

Fin Fan Aerial Units can be much wider than standard coolers and are often accessed by very narrow walkways. Our Fin Fan Accessory components allow cleaning systems to be safely mounted in tight walkway spaces for this type of cleaning. Customizable rail lengths and simple mounting clamps enable the positioning system to accommodate most Fin Fan headers and configurations.

Automated Equipment

AutoBox 1L with Compass and Sentinel

The Sentinel-enabled AutoBox 1L tractor provides operational data to ensure high efficiency cleaning and quality results.

AutoBox 2L

The AutoBox 2L safely and quickly cleans the inner diameter of one to two tubes at a time. This hands-free equipment is designed for portability and easy setup.,w_418/sa/img/product/abx-3l_01.jpg?width=418&height=418

AutoBox 3L

Designed to run triple, dual, or single flex lance setups, the AutoBox 3L is a hands-free system for cleaning tube bundles and Fin Fan heat exchangers.,w_418/sa/img/product/ProDrive_01.jpg?width=418&height=418

AutoBox ProDrive

Eliminate hand lancing in pipe and tube cleaning applications with this single lance tractor that increases safety and delivers repeatable results.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_fin-fan_02.jpg?width=418&height=160

Fin Fan Accessory

Fin Fan Accessories are designed to adapt AutoBox single, dual, and triple-lance tractors to clean Fin Fan style exchangers.

Hose Management System

The Hose Management System (HMS) is an adaptable solution to contain and protect high-pressure hoses and lances during operation and transport.

Positioning Systems

Adaptable positioners for different sizes of tube bundles, including complete tube cleaning around circular tube bundles with fewer stops to remount equipment.

Rotary Tools,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_BN_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


The industry’s favorite exchanger cleaning tool, Banshees handle pressures up to 40K psi/2800 bar and can be configured for any application.


The small diameter and short length of the Beetle makes it ideal for cleaning process piping, drain lines, u-tube bundles and other small ID conduit with bends.


Ideal for cleaning tubes and small diameter process lines, Gophers handle pressures up to 40k psi/2800 bar to cut through coke, polymers, coatings, and latex.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_barracuda_02.jpg?width=418&height=160


For use on automated and hands-free equipment, the Barracuda is a speed-controlled rotary shotgun tool ideal for cleaning tough materials like coke or rubber.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_SPFR_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


The Spitfire is an extra lightweight rotary shotgun tool designed for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where manual shotgun cleaning is required.

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The StoneAge Solutions team can engineer custom equipment to help service providers and plants clean the most difficult applications.

Our custom cleaning solutions range from simple product modifications to comprehensive turnkey packages. Since you never know what you’ll walk into on your next industrial cleaning job, know that you can rely on a team of experts to help you get the job done right.

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