BANSHEE Rotary Cleaning Nozzles

The Most Trusted Tube Cleaning Tools in the Industry
Heads Available for Automated Equipment Applications

The Banshee has been the industry's most trusted self-rotating nozzle for over 15 years. Its main applications are cleaning the inner diameters of tubes of industrial tube bundles and heat exchangers. The Banshee's extremely durable and long-lasting stainless-steel construction utilizes patented liquid bearing technology activated by high water pressure.

With the introduction of hands-free automated equipment to the tube-cleaning world, our engineers continue to push cleaning technology forward with a new head option exclusively for automated cleaning applications: two additional jets on the sides of the head redirect thrusting energy right to the tube walls, adding 10% more cleaning power to the tool. More cleaning power means less fuel, less water, and shorter overall cleaning times. The new head is interchangeable with our traditional Banshee heads, leaving your favorite tool unchanged with an efficient update for hands-free cleaning jobs.

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Banshee standard cleaning heads

Standard Banshee Heads

The industry standard for cleaning the inner diameters of tubes in industrial tube bundles and heat exchangers. Suitable for manual or automated applications.

  • Ideal for unplugging, cleaning and polishing tubes
  • Rear jets thrust tool forward inside tube
  • Effectively remove thin, hard scale, carbons, coke, and polymers
  • Polisher, Unplugger, and Universal options available

Banshee cleaning heads for automated equipment applications

Banshee Heads for Automated Equipment Applications

With jet power focused completely on cleaning rather than pulling, greater efficiency is achieved in less time thus using less water, less fuel, and generating less waste. 

  • Designed specifically for use with Automated Equipment
  • Reconfigured jetting pattern increases unplugging/ polishing power by 10%
  • Interchangeable with standard heads and compatible with existing Banshee tools
  • Polisher, Unplugger, and Universal options available

Not all tools are created equal

The reason Banshee nozzles have dominated tube cleaning for nearly two decades comes down to engineering.

Tools may look similar on the outside, but it’s the engineering on the inside that matters. The patented StoneAge Banshee is the only tool in the industry with a direct path for water flow which is critical to reduce pressure loss and deliver more cleaning power.

Banshee tube cleaning tools vs competition