Pulp & Paper

Waterjet Tools for Cleaning Paper Industry Equipment

When it comes to industrial cleaning in paper and pulp mills, high-pressure waterjetting is the preferred cleaning method. StoneAge provides high-pressure cleaning solutions that help reduce downtime and increase safety.


Boilers & Digesters

Cleaning the interior of boilers can be dangerous without the correct equipment. High-pressure waterblast tools and positioning options offer a safer, more effective method that reduces confined space entries.



High-pressure waterblasting is the ideal method for safely and efficiently cleaning build up or other substances from the pipes and chambers of industrial condensers.



Previously a dangerous manual process, StoneAge automated solutions have drastically revolutionized the safety, speed, and quality of evaporator cleaning.


Liquor Lines

Pulp and paper facilities can increase productivity, limit shutdowns, and save money by using waterblast tools to safely clean liquor lines, evaporators, mudlines, and other equipment.


Pipes, Drains, & Process Lines

As a proven, safe, and efficient cleaning method, waterblasting removes blockages and build up from pipes, drains, and process lines to support continuous, efficient operations.


Suction Rolls

Suction rolls are expensive and difficult to maintain. As a nonabrasive, safe, and highly efficient cleaning method, many mining operations rely on waterjetting to keep suction rolls clean. 


Tanks & Vessels

Easily clean tanks, vessels, and other confined spaces safely and efficiently with waterblast tools that lower operating costs, decrease downtime, and remove operators from the danger zone.