Tools & Equipment for cleaning Suction Rolls

Maintaining suction rolls for optimal, long term performance

Suction rolls are expensive and difficult to maintain. As a nonabrasive, safe, and highly efficient cleaning method, many mining operations rely on waterjetting to keep suction rolls clean. Dirt, grime, coatings, and other hard deposits from surfaces are no match for StoneAge's waterblast tooling and equipment.

Rotary Tools


For medium to very large pipes, the BJV can be configured for cleaning applications including pipes, stacks, tanks, rail cars, conveyors, tunnels, and more.


The Raptor offers higher flow rates for removing thick, tough deposits, plus head and jetting options to clean totes, closed head drums, water well screens, and more.

Safety & Accessories

Backout Prevention Devices

Backout preventers are required safety measures for high-pressure pipe and tube cleaning to inhibit tools from exiting the pipe during operation.