Food Production

Waterblast Tools for Cleaning Food Processing Equipment

Eliminate the risks of chemical cleaning by using high pressure water. In the food production industry, waterblasting is the ideal choice for cleaning away food debris and substances on production equipment.

Since most facilities produce various food products across multiple stations and with many ingredients, trusting the cleaning processes and equipment is crucial. StoneAge's waterblasting tooling and equipment offer safe, efficient solutions for your cleaning challenge.

Heat Exchangers

StoneAge has transformed tube cleaning methods with advanced tools and smart technology so that fouling can be cleaned quickly, safely, and effectively from high volumes of tubes.


Previously a dangerous manual process, StoneAge automated solutions have drastically revolutionized the safety, speed, and quality of evaporator cleaning.

Conveyors, Ovens, & Roasters

Waterblasting can quickly and safely clean industrial ovens, roasters, and conveyor systems to ensure health and safety standards are continuously met, with “clean in place” solutions significantly reducing downtime.

Mixing Tanks

Waterblasting is an effective way to ensure industrial food mixing tanks meet hygienic standards. “Clean in place” solutions allow for quick, thorough cleaning even without dismantling tanks.


As a proven, safe, and efficient cleaning method, waterblasting removes blockages, sticky residues, and build up from pipes, drains, and process lines to support continuous, efficient operations.