The Standard Striker is the perfect entry point for contractors who want to add a remote shotgun system to their fleet. The system offers a unique combination of portability and higher thrust capacity for maximum flexibility on the job site, at a fraction of the cost of other robotic options.

This modular system combines a rotary shotgun arm and a wheeled base for easy mobility to provide a powerful alternative to manual shotgun cleaning and surface preparation.


  • Modular system designed for portability and easy assembly
  • Remotely operated from outside the blast zone for safety
  • Lightweight components for single operator setup and use
  • Wheeled base for easy maneuverability
  • Ergonomic control box offers intuitive remote operation
  • Affordable alternative to complicated robotic systems
  • No operator fatigue – higher productivity over time
  • CE Certified
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Tool Family Striker
Tool Model SKR-STD
Cleaning Window Dimensions 60 in. H x 84 in. W x 54 in. D 1524 x 2134 x 1372 mm
Operating Pressure 22k or 40k psi 1500 or 2800 bar
Reaction Force Up to 70 lb 32 kg
Air Supply Pressure 80–125 psi 0.70–0.86 MPa
Footprint Dimensions 25 in. W x 31 in. L 635 mm x 787 mm
Footprint Dimensions, Extended 63 in. W x 55 in. L x 66 in. H 1600 x 1397 x 1676 mm
Weight, Assembled 260 lbs 118 kg
Control Box Weight 43 lbs 19.5 kg
Operational Temperature -20–140° F -29–60° C

Striker - Strandard Base

Lightweight Striker

Striker vs. Watermelon

The following kits are available:

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  • 1 x BJ 016 O-Ring
  • 1 x TR 127 O-Ring

Hands Free Waterblasting for Surface Praparation

The Striker combines a rotary shotgun arm and positioning system for safe, accurate hands-free shotgunning.