SpinCat slimhole wash tools thumb
SpinCat slimhole wash tools thumb

SpinCat SC-125

The SC-125 provides well intervention teams with an advanced solution for 1 1/4” CT BHA’s requiring a “slick” or Slimhole profile. Proven effective in wells with small ID restrictions, heavy scale deposition, and a history of entry challenges, the SC-125’s smooth profile aids reaching target depths the first time then delivers powerful impact force and dwell time to enhance perf stimulation and clean-out objectives.


  • Recessed head ensures rotation to continue when tool is against well bore wall and contributes to “slick” profile
  • Constructed of hardened stainless steel for strength, durability & chemical resistance
  • Effectively cuts scale in HCL acid clean-out jobs
  • Drilled head sized for nominal flow rates of .5 to 1.5 bpm
  • Viscous speed control
  • Field serviceable
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Tool Family SpinCat
Tool Model SC-125
Pressure Range 1-5k psi 70-340 bar
Flow Range 0.5-1.5 bpm 21-63 gpm
Rotation Speed 10-50 rpm
Inlet Connection 7/8" AMMT
Tension (pull) Safe load to 8500 lbs 3856 kg
Compression (set down) Safe load to 12000 lbs 5443 kg
Outside Diameter 1.25 in. 32 mm
Overall Length 8.3 in. 203 mm
Weight 1.9 lbs 0.9 kg
Maximum Temperature 390° F 200° C

    Ideal For

  • Optimizing offshore 1 1/4” CT interventions
  • Cutting scale in HCL acid clean-outs
  • Enhancing hot or cold paraffin/asphaltene clean-outs

    Adaptable For

  • Capillary CT - Custom threads available
  • CT jet drilling and CT fishbone style mini-lateral drilling

*May require Custom Solutions

Designed to remove Plugs, Scale, and Failed Linings

Deliver powerful cleaning force where needed and quickly restore production without causing damage to difficult to access pipe.