AutoPack PRO

Built around the AutoBox ABX-PRO, a versatile hose drive that can be adapted to a wide range of cleaning applications, the AutoPack-PRO is equipped with everything you need to successfully complete jobs spanning pipe, drain and tube cleaning.


  • Simple and cost effective way to add automation to your equipment fleet
  • Increase the safety and productivity of your crew
  • Standardized kits keep your workforce organized and efficient
  • Job box protects your equipment, simplifies transport and minimizes set-up time
  • Customized storage inserts allow for quick visual inventory management

Compatible with:

PRO 700 050
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ABX-PRO Overview

AutoPack Exchanger Cleaning Kits

Automated Cleaning Equipment Kits

Everything you need to successfully complete pipe, drain, or exchanger tube cleaning packaged in an organized, durable job box.