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AutoBox 3L with Sentinel Automation Technology cleans heat exchangers faster, safer, easier, and more precisely.

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Sentinel sensors inside AutoBox 3L
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AutoPack 3L with Sentinel Automation Technology

The Future of Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Sentinel Automation Technology seamlessly integrates with StoneAge's AutoBox 3L tractor and uses an active sensor system to automatically position the cleaning nozzles and clean exchanger tubes end to end, even in difficult low visibility conditions.

Next generation automation and data insights

Reduce costs and improve asset utilization with Sentinel Link job data.

Sentinel data - tube cleaning

Real time job data to optimize cleaning productivity and minimize downtime

Sentinel data - pressure usage

Monitor asset utilization to reduce fuel, water consumption, and job costs

Sentinel data - asset utilization

Utilize historical data for accurate bidding and cost savings

You deserve equipment that delivers more

Sentinel Automation Technology is a CE-certified system that enables automated exchanger tube cleaning with the AutoBox 3L tractor and makes tube cleaning applications remarkably faster, safer, and more precise.

Clean 30% Faster


Deliver unmatched productivity and consistent results every time

Transform Operators into Experts


With our game-inspired controller, operators at any skill level shine through the most difficult job conditions

Win More Bids


Use job data to continuously improve cleaning performance and produce industry-leading results


Sentinel Automation Technology takes exchanger cleaning to the next level.
We want to make sure you have everything you need to be successful.

Product Manual

This is your comprehensive guide to AutoBox ABXS-3L with Sentinel Automation Technology. Find part numbers, drawings, assembly instructions, troubleshooting tips and more.

System Check

Don't get caught off-guard on the job! Run through a quick equipment check before leaving for any job to make sure all components are ready and functioning. Watch the video

Sentinel Link

Your access to job data and more.
Contact your Sentinel Company Administrator for access.

If you require additional support, contact StoneAge Customer Service.

Sentinel App

Connect your Sentinel controller to upload job data and download the latest updates. The Sentinel mobile app is available on the Apple App Store. View the Sentinel Mobile App Guide


Why Sentinel is a must-have for industrial exchanger tube cleaning.

Case Study

Find out how one contractor cut cleaning time by 50% in zero visibility conditions.


Read about our usability research and how beginner operators turn pro in one shift.

Ready to transform your industrial heat exchanger cleaning services?

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Put Sentinel to work and enjoy enormous productivity gains and consistent results on every job — backed by world-class training and technical support.

“It normally takes us 16 hours to clean one heat exchanger bundle. Now, with the Sentinel, the entire bundle was fully cleaned within 4 hours.”

-Hylle Poll, Reym, NL