Air Knife

The Air Knife is an accessory for AutoBox ABX-2L and ABX-3L tractors designed to improve hose traction in oily, greasy, or sticky applications. The Air Knife sits between the tube face and the AutoBox, blowing a continuous “blade” of pressurized air across the hoses before they retract back into the tractor. Keeps effluent out of the equipment, preventing performance issues and increasing component life.


  • Removes contamination on hoses, improves hose traction
  • Allows the tractor to be run at lower clamp pressures
  • Reduces operator cleaning time and roller/belt wear in oily or slippery applications

Compatible with:

2L 3L
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Tool Model AK-2L, AK-3L
Assembly Weight (with Hoses) 13.65 lb 6.19 kg
Assembly Size 5.2 x 6.0 x 5.1 in. 132 x 152 x 130 mm
Minimum Air Supply Pressure 90 psi 0.62 MPa
Nominal Air Supply Pressure 100 psi 0.69 MPa
Maximum Air Supply Pressure 125 psi 0.86 MPa
Nominal Air Supply Volume 5 CFM at 100 PSI 8.5 m3/h at 0.69 MPa
Optimal Operational Temperature* 40—140° F 4—60° C

*Use a dessicant air dryer if operating below 40° F (4° C) to avoid freezing the manifold

Air Knife Overview

Improved hose traction in oily or slippery tube cleaning applications

The Air Knife offers great value for reducing operator cleaning time and roller/belt wear in oily or slippery applications.