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Sentinel empowers your workforce with an active sensor system and software that automatically positions cleaning nozzles and efficiently cleans exchanger tubes, even in challenging low visibility conditions.

Our latest release, Sentinel OS 2, takes your cleaning operations to new heights.

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Sentinel Automation Technology for exchanger tube cleaning

The Future of Exchanger Tube Cleaning

Experience the future of industrial cleaning with Sentinel, the ultimate automation technology platform that seamlessly integrates with StoneAge's AutoBox 3L and 1L tube cleaning systems.

Our latest release, Sentinel Operating System 2.0, takes your cleaning operations to new heights with streamlined job setup, onscreen tubesheet visualization, automatic learning functions, and predictive job data. Unlock unparalleled efficiency, precision, and consistency in your cleaning processes with Sentinel 2.0.


  • AUTONOMY MODE: Sentinel identifies the boundary of the tubesheet during setup, then predictively diagrams and cleans the remaining interior tubes automatically.
  • TUBESHEET VISUALIZATION: The controller now displays a real-time visual diagram of the tube sheet, enabling efficient cleaning without requiring a direct line of sight.
  • JOB CAPTURE: Save the job-specific tubesheet diagram generated by Sentinel, and re-load it for full automation the next time the bundle is cleaned.
  • OBSTACLE AVOIDANCE: Sentinel can automatically steer around plugged tubes and other obstructions during cleaning, preventing equipment damage.
  • AUTOMATIC LEARNING FUNCTION: Sentinel can now learn the pitch and pattern of tubesheet without requiring the operator to make manual measurements. No need for P&ID from the plant to begin the job.
  • STREAMLINED JOB SET UP: System setup has been simplified to a few guided steps, enabling operators to get up and running quickly and successfully.
  • PREDICTIVE JOB DATA: Estimate "time until completion" based on cleaning rate and tube count.
  • UNIFIED OPERATING SYSTEM: Use the same controller and software for both 3L and 1L Sentinel systems.


Check out our playlist of video overviews to familiarize yourself with every feature!

Video training for Sentinel Automation Technology

Next generation automation and data insights

Reduce costs and improve asset utilization with Sentinel Link job data.

Sentinel data: tube cleaning

Real time job data to optimize cleaning productivity and minimize downtime

Sentinel data: pressure usage

Monitor asset utilization to reduce fuel, water consumption, and job costs

Sentinel data: asset utilization

Utilize historical data for accurate bidding and cost savings

You deserve equipment that delivers more

Sentinel Automation Technology is a CE-certified system that enables automated exchanger tube cleaning with the AutoBox 3L tractor and makes tube cleaning applications remarkably faster, safer, and more precise.

Clean 30% Faster


Deliver unmatched productivity and consistent results every time

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With our game-inspired controller, operators at any skill level shine through the most difficult job conditions

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Use job data to continuously improve cleaning performance and produce industry-leading results

We know the pressure you face to deliver more with less.

Put Sentinel to work and enjoy enormous productivity gains and consistent results on every job — backed by world-class training and technical support.

“It normally takes us 16 hours to clean one heat exchanger bundle. Now, with the Sentinel, the entire bundle was fully cleaned within 4 hours.”

-Hylle Poll, Reym, NL