Banshee Head Only for Automated Equipment

Part #:BN-AE-H
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Banshee Head Only for Automated Equipment

Designed specifically for use with automated equipment, the new automated equipment heads provide 10%+ more cleaning efficiencies by utilizing two additional cleaning jets in a reconfigured pattern. This small but powerful adjustment results in an overall shortened cleaning time while producing less waste, requiring less labor, and saving on fuel.

The patented Banshee is the industry standard for exchanger cleaning. High pressure water acts as a liquid bearing, eliminating ball bearings, seals or lubricant used in conventional rotary tools. Each tool is easily configured to suit any automated tube cleaning application by choosing from a variety of replaceable heads and inlet options.


  • For use with automated equipment only
  • Two additional ports transform thrust energy into 10% more cleaning power
  • Distinct tapered profile
  • Ideal for unplugging, cleaning, and polishing tubes, such as those found in heat exchangers and industrial tube bundles
  • Stainless steel construction for extreme durability and longevity
  • Effectively remove thin, hard scale, carbons, coke, and polymers
  • Polisher, Unplugger, and Universal heads available

Part #:BN-AE-H
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