Lightweight Striker 10K

Part #:SKRL-100-P4-PKG
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Lightweight Striker 10K

The Lightweight Striker is designed for automated shotgunning in hard to access locations. The system can be quickly disassembled into modular components that fit through standard manway openings and meet plant requirements for single man lift.

Contractors can use the Lightweight Striker for hands free surface prep on elevated platforms, inside of tanks, and other limited access locations that previously required manual cleaning. The Lightweight Striker uses custom engineered nozzles that generate maximum cleaning thrust and ensure safe operation.


  • Handles pressure ranges up to 10K psi with custom nozzles engineered to ensure safe operation while delivering maximum thrust
  • Modular system designed for portability
  • Can be fully assembled in less than 5 minutes
  • Fits through 21 in. (534 mm) manway
  • Affordable alternative to complicated robotic systems

Part #:SKRL-100-P4-PKG
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