Waterblast Tools for Cleaning in Shipping Yards

Ship hull maintenance is a significant part of the ongoing maintenance program and can easily be managed using waterjetting. Throughout the industry, ship owners, ship repairers, and dry-docking yards use waterblasting to clean contaminated surfaces of a ship effectively. Waterblasting is a cost-effective, safe, and environmental-friendly method of cleaning.

Boilers & Drums

Cleaning the interior of boilers can be dangerous without the correct equipment. High-pressure waterblast tools and positioning options offer a safer, more effective method that reduces confined space entries.


High-pressure waterblasting is the ideal method for safely and efficiently cleaning build up or other substances from the pipes and chambers of industrial condensers.

Heat Exchangers

StoneAge has transformed tube cleaning methods with advanced tools and smart technology so that fouling can be cleaned quickly, safely, and effectively from high volumes of tubes.

Pipes & Drains

As a proven, safe, and efficient cleaning method, waterblasting removes blockages and build up from pipes and drains to support desired flow movement and efficient operations.

Surface Preparation

Removing paint, dirt, chemicals, and other stubborn fouling often provides unique challenges. With waterblasting tools, surfaces of all types are cleaned effectively and efficiently, making a difficult task easy.