Beetle 18mm 20k /1400 bar

Part #:BT18-20
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Beetle 18mm 20k /1400 bar

The small diameter and short length of the Beetle nozzles make them ideal for cleaning process piping, drain lines, u-tube bundles and other small ID conduit with bends that may have been inaccessible in the past.

This tool offers a variety of inlet types to best suit your application.


  • Fits pipe sized from 0.9-1.3in (22-33mm)
  • Designed for flow range of 8.5-11gpm (32-42l/min)
  • Navigates tight curves in small diameter pipes
  • Low cost, low maintenance design
  • Easy to pair with automated flex lance machines

Product Specifications

Pressure Range10-22k psi / 700-1500 bar
Flow8.5-11 gpm
Flow Range8.5-11 gpm / 32-42 l/min
Inlet Connection1/4"-28 MP Left Hand (MP4L), 1/4"-28 MP Right Hand (MP4R), 3/8"-24 MP Left Hand (MP6L), 3/8-24 MP Right Hand (MP6R), 1/8" BSPP (BSPP2)
Minimum Tube Size0.9 in. / 22.86 mm
Maximum Tube Size1.3 in. / 33.02 mm
Length1.5 in. / 3.81 cm
Diameter0.7 in. / 1.78 cm
Max Pressure22k psi / 1500 bar
Max. Water Temp250°F / 121°C
Part #:BT18-20
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