Ethanol & Sugar

Waterjet Tools for Cleaning Ethanol Production Equipment

Ethanol and sugar production creates unique cleaning challenges. StoneAge has spent over four decades perfecting tooling and equipment to take on these challenges. By using our waterblasting tooling and equipment, we can help you reduce downtime and costs, and maximize productivity.

Distillation Towers/Beer Columns

Facilitating a key step in the ethanol distillation process, beer columns require regular cleaning to ensure proper functioning when separating water and solids.

Duct Work

Designed for unmatched performance and operator safety, StoneAge 2D and 3D rotary tools deliver industry-leading cleaning productivity and results.


Previously a dangerous manual process, StoneAge automated solutions have drastically revolutionized the safety, speed, and quality of evaporator cleaning.

Heat Exchangers

StoneAge has transformed tube cleaning methods so that high volumes of tubes can be cleaned quickly, safely, and effectively. Advanced tools and smart technology efficiently remove fouling from tubes to support continuous operations at optimal performance.

Pipes & Syrup Lines

Keeping syrup lines clean, sanitized, and in top working order is critical for ethanol and sugar production facilities. Waterjetting is currently the safest and most cost-effective method to clear sticky build up from syrup lines.

Tanks & Vessels

Cleaning industrial tanks and vessels is notoriously arduous and time-consuming. Waterblasting can clean tanks and vessels safely, easily, and efficiently to enable lower operating costs, less down time, and a stronger bottom line.