Tank & Vessel Cleaning

Optimize Tank and Vessel Cleaning with 3D Tools

Tank and vessel cleaning is essential to maintaining the efficiency and productivity of industrial facilities. Waterblasting results in lower operating costs and less downtime, which are critical to the bottom line.

Our equipment delivers high flow and controlled rotation for optimal cleaning of medium to large tanks and vessels. This combination is ideal for tackling difficult-to-remove materials such as coke deposits. We also have tools for highly adaptable, hands-free 3D tank cleaning for increased safety. Our tools experience significantly less pressure loss than other competitive tools on the market, which means more power is delivered to the cleaning surface and greater productivity.

Automated Equipment,w_418/sa/img/product/abx-500_01.jpg?width=418&height=418

AutoBox 500

Portable hose control for hands-free pipe and vessel cleaning using the same lightweight control box as the AutoBox 2L for simple fleet management.

Cable Swivel Tool

The air-powered Cable Swivel Tool is designed for cleaning large vessels, boilers, cokers, precipitators, and similar hard-to-reach locations.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_SM-Air_01.jpg?width=418&height=160

SM Air

Designed to clean inside boilers, furnaces, cyclones, and cokers, the SM Air offers air powered rotation at high flows for effective jet power over long distances.

Positioning Booms

Positioning booms safely secure tools closer to the cleaning surface while remaining away from obstructions for optimal cleaning results. 

Rotary Tools,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_Torus_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


Torus 3-D cleaning tools are designed to easily adjust to a wide range of pump capacities, working pressures, and small-entry cleaning applications.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_SCS_02.jpg?width=418&height=160

Speed Control Swivel

The Speed Control Swivel delivers high flow and slow rotation which is ideal for removing difficult materials and is customizable to the needs of your job.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_BJV_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


For medium to very large pipes, the BJV/BJVE can be configured for cleaning applications including pipes, stacks, tanks, rail cars, conveyors, tunnels, and more.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_barracuda_02.jpg?width=418&height=160


For use on automated and hands-free equipment, the Barracuda is a speed-controlled rotary shotgun tool ideal for cleaning tough materials like coke or rubber.,w_418/sa/img/thumb/info_SPFR_01.jpg?width=418&height=160


The Spitfire is an extra lightweight rotary shotgun tool designed for cleaning difficult and irregular surfaces where manual shotgun cleaning is required.