Systems for Cleaning Chemical and Paint Mixing Tanks

Paint and chemical manufacturers are faced with difficult tank cleaning challenges, often related to confined space entry.

StoneAge automated equipment removes operators from the dangers of working in confined spaces.

Tank Cleaning Solutions Built to Specifications

StoneAge offers a wide range of tank cleaning equipment designs specifically built for each application.

We engineer boom delivery systems as well as automated hose reel designs that lower and raise rotary tooling. These systems can work with a wide range of pressures (2,000-40,000 psi) and flow ranges of more than 300 gpm. Tools and components are built to withstand corrosive environments to ensure cleaning is completed efficiently and without delay.

This custom boom, made for 2.5-meter paint mixing tanks, uses the ProDrive tractor to feed and retract the waterjet lance up and down inside the mixing tanks. Depth and rotation are controlled by the crank handles, while hose feed is managed with our control panel for the ProDrive.

Before automation, hydroblasting was performed manually with shotgun tools, a dangerous situation for cleaning contractors requiring special permitting. Using the StoneAge system allows operators to remotely control the cleaning operation outside the confined spaces and achieve consistent, repeatable results.

StoneAge custom reactor cleaning system

Boom positioning system for cleaning mixing tanks

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