Automated Reactor Cleaner

Reactors are essential equipment in multiple industries. They produce chemical reactions with many different materials and require regular cleaning to facilitate consistent chemical processes. Waterblasting is a safe and efficient method of cleaning reactors since water does not introduce additional solids or chemicals that must be removed as part of the cleaning process. The various sizes and types of reactor equipment pose challenges for access and sufficient coverage of interior componentry.

StoneAge Solutions designed a specialty system for cleaning the interior of chemical reactors with consideration for the constraints of the equipment and plant safety requirements.

System Requirements and Constraints

The reactor must be thoroughly cleaned from the liquid level to the bottom of the dish, including interior components. The placement of waterjet tooling must be correlated to the location of such components as the agitator shaft and blade. The system must allow access for the maintenance of components, but no waterjets may exit the reactor. The system must conform to plant lockout/tagout and other safety procedures.

Additionally, the system must adhere to pressure and flow parameters at a minimum of 10,000 psi and 70 gpm, optimized for no more than 1,000 psi of pressure drop between the pump and the waterjet nozzle. Solids must be discharged from the bottom of the reactor while maintaining a steady state water flow rate throughout the cleaning process.

Stoneage custom automated reactor cleaner

Automated reactor cleaning tool with knife-gate valve

System Features

Our custom-designed system is built according to these and additional specifications, including NEC requirements adhered to by the plant. Construction materials for any tools entering the reactor are built to withstand exposure to strong acids and bases.

Key features of the system include a custom "doghouse" attached to the reactor access point. This is a closed compartment fitted with a washdown assembly for tooling. A specialized hose reel attaches to the doghouse, enabling controlled positioning of the waterjet nozzles utilized for cleaning.

Additional features include error detection within the cleaning system to ensure no unexpected events, such as plugged nozzles, loss of tool pressure, or lack of tool rotation.

StoneAge custom reactor cleaning system

Doghouse assembly with washdown and waterjet tool

StoneAge custom reactor cleaning system

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