Automated Coke Removal System

Coker units, or cokers, are oil refinery processing units that convert residual oil and process residues left over after the initial crude distillation into higher value products and petroleum coke, a coal-like material used as a fuel input or a manufacturing raw material in a variety of industries.

StoneAge offers customized tooling to remove difficult deposits from all areas within coker units.

Reactor Walls

The StoneAge Solution team developed a custom manway entry and centering device that enabled rotary cleaning tools to be safely lowered and raised into the reactor chamber, removing coke from interior surfaces. Utilizing a combination of 3D and 2D tools, cleaning can be performed at all angles and surfaces, including snouts and cyclones. Where no obstructions exist, longer extension arms deliver maximum power to the surface.

Coke reactor removal system

An automated hose reel lowers and raises tool from top entry points

Coke reactor removal system

Entry points at top of reactor

Coke reactor removal system

2D tool with long extension arms is lowered into reactor

Coke reactor removal system

Interior of cyclone can be effectively cleaned with water jets

Bottom Cone

The lowest section of the reactor often narrows into a funnel-like exit. This bottom cone, or "sore thumb," is a challenging configuration to clean because it is easily blocked with debris. Specialty equipment can be utilized to clean and remove debris efficiently. Once coke is removed from the vessel, it can be loaded into a dumpster or truck and hauled off.

Decoking lower section of reactor vessel

Decoking lower section of vessel, ensuring all coke is removed from conical bottom

Decoking lower section of reactor vessel

As coke is removed from the vessel, this "chunky tool" ensures all material is broken up into small pieces

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