StoneAge Headquarters

Our base of operations houses the engineering, custom solutions, and customer service teams, along with a state of the art machine shop and all operations. Our primary inventory stock of tools, equipment, and parts is ready to ship on demand.

Customer Service

Janet Mosher
Customer Success Coordinator
Main: +1 (970) 403-8530

Adam Duthie
Customer Service Specialist
Main: +1 (970) 426-4178

Ken Flint
Customer Service Specialist
Main: +1 (970) 403-8583

StoneAge Solutions

Bill Shires
StoneAge Solutions Director
Main: +1 (970) 903-4218

Mike Kreeger
StoneAge Solutions Technical Sales
Main: +1 (970) 403-1437

Kevin Simmons
StoneAge Solutions Technical Sales
Main: +1 (970) 403-1430

Outside Sales

Dan de la Torre
Sales Director Americas
Main: +1 (970) 946-7703

Carrie Grant
Canadian & US West Coast
Solutions Manager
Main: +1 (970) 799-1363