StoneAge Trademarks

The following is a list of StoneAge trademarks and service marks.

When using the marks in publications that will be distributed only in the United States, include the appropriate TM, SM, or ® symbol on first use. For publications that will be distributed outside the United States, do not include trademark symbols. Instead use the appropriate trademark attribution notice, for example: Spitfire is a trademark of StoneAge Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Remember that trademarks are adjectives, and cannot be made plural or possessive (i.e. Spitfire™ rotary shotgun tools is proper written form when describing multiple "Spitfires").

The list includes one or more suggested terms that can be associated with each trademark. For all publications, include an appropriate generic term after the trademark the first time it appears. Thereafter, the generic term should appear frequently with the trademark. (Note: These generic terms are only suggestions, and there may be other words that are equally appropriate.)

The absence of a product or service name or logo from this list does not constitute a waiver of trademark or other intellectual property rights concerning that name or logo.

TrademarkAssociated Term
ABX-100™automated hose handling system
ABX-200™automated hose handling system
ABX-500™automated hose handling system
Attack Tip™nozzle
AutoBox™automated hose handling system
BA-15K™pipe cleaning tool
BA-20K™pipe cleaning tool
BA-L9™pipe cleaning tool
BA-M9™pipe cleaning tool
BA-P4™pipe cleaning tool
BA-P8™pipe cleaning tool
Badger™pipe cleaning tool
Banshee®rotary tube cleaning tool
Barracuda®rotary shotgun tool
BC-H9-C™rotary shotgun tool
BC-H9LF-C™rotary shotgun tool
BC-K™rotary shotgun tool
BC-K-P2™rotary shotgun tool
BFW™large vessel cleaning tool
BHK-100™concrete hydro-demolition and scarification until
Big Flow Waterlancer™large vessel cleaning tool
BJ-070™centralizer, centering device
BJ-070-6™centralizer, centering device
BJ-070-8™centralizer, centering device
BJ-070-10™centralizer, centering device
BJ-070-12™centralizer, centering device
BJ-100-20K™centralizer, centering device
BJ-100-SS™centralizer, centering device
BJ-286™centralizer, centering device
BJ-286-L™centralizer, centering device
BJ-286-M™centralizer, centering device
BJ-286-S™centralizer, centering device
BJ-288™centralizer, centering device
BJ-288-L™centralizer, centering device
BJ-288-M™centralizer, centering device
BJ-288-S™centralizer, centering device
BJ-305™backout preventer, safety device
BJ-310™backout preventer, safety device
BJ-320™backout preventer, safety device
BJ-325™backout preventer, safety device
BJ-340™backout preventer, safety device
BJ-408-SS™centralizer, centering device
BJV™pipe cleaning tool
BJV-20K™pipe cleaning tool
BJV-H9™pipe cleaning tool
BJV-M™pipe cleaning tool
BJV-M24™pipe cleaning tool
BJV-P16™pipe cleaning tool
Blackhawk™concrete hydro-demolition and scarification until
Blastrack™automated surface cleaning tool
BN9.5™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN13™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN13-40K™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN18™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN18-40K™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN24™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN27-40K™rotary tube cleaning tool
BN33™rotary tube cleaning tool
BNS13™rotary tube cleaning tool
BPT-100™splashguard, safety device
BRLM™rail, lancing drive rail
BUD-100™automated surface cleaning tool
CB-2S™control box
CB-LP™control box
CST™cable guided cleaning tool
CST-Air™cable guided cleaning tool
CST-Air-P12™cable guided cleaning tool
DB™surface cleaning tool
Deck Blaster™surface cleaning tool
EB-100™extension boom, positioning tool
FCSG™floor cleaner, surface cleaning tool
FCSV™floor cleaner, surface cleaning tool
FCT-JS™paint grate cleaner, surface cleaning tool
Free Spinner™self-rotary cleaning tool
GO-H9™pipe cleaning tool
GO-H9-C™pipe cleaning tool
GO-M9™pipe cleaning tool
Gopher™pipe cleaning tool
HI™swivel, rotary coupling
HI-M9M9™swivel, rotary coupling
HI-P6P6™swivel, rotary coupling
HWB™hose storage reel
LP-300-78™lancing system positioning tool
LP-320™lancing system positioning tool
LP-335-JE™lancing system positioning tool
LP-335-JWE™lancing system positioning tool
LP-335-WE™lancing system positioning tool
Paint Grate Cleaner™surface cleaning tool
Porta-Lance™tube cleaning tool
Protex™splashguard, safety device
Raptor™pipe cleaning tool
RPT™pipe cleaning tool
RPT 070™pipe cleaning tool
RPT 075™pipe cleaning tool
SA-1900™tube cleaning tool
SA-1909™tube cleaning tool
SA-1940™tube cleaning tool
Sabertooth™tube bundle cleaner
SB-1™extension boom, positioning tool
SB-200™extension boom, positioning tool
SB-H™extension boom, positioning tool
SC-168™downhole cleaning tool
SC-212™downhole cleaning tool
SC-250™downhole cleaning tool
SC-287™downhole cleaning tool
SG™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-30™rotary cleaning tool
SG-30-M12™rotary cleaning tool
SG-30-P12™rotary cleaning tool
SG-40™rotary cleaning tool
SG-50™rotary cleaning tool
SG-CCN-M12K™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-CCN-P12K™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-CCN M12K™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-CCN P12K™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-E60™self-rotary cleaning tool
SG-E70™self-rotary cleaning tool
SG-M12AV12™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-M12KM™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-M12M12™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-M16M16™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-P8P8™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-P12KM™swivel, rotary coupling
SG-P12P12M™swivel, rotary coupling
SH™swivel, rotary coupling
SH-P8P8™swivel, rotary coupling
Simple Boom™extension boom, positioning tool
SL™swivel, rotary coupling
SL-M9AV9™swivel, rotary coupling
SL-P8P4™swivel, rotary coupling
SM™swivel, rotary coupling
SM-AIR™large vessel cleaning tool
SM-P16™swivel, rotary coupling
SM-P20™swivel, rotary coupling
SPF-M9™rotary shotgun tool
SPF-P8™rotary shotgun tool
Spincat™downhole cleaning tool
Spitfire®rotary shotgun tool
StoneAge®waterblast tools
StoneAge logo®
StoneAge Solutions™engineering services
Switcher™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle, sewer jetting head
TB-6-TR™extension boom, positioning tool
TB-8-TR™extension boom, positioning tool
Teleboom™extension boom, positioning tool
Torus™large vessel cleaning tool
TR-100™large vessel cleaning tool
TR-408-SS™centralizer, centering device
UH™swivel, rotary coupling
UH-40™rotary cleaning tool
UH-50™rotary cleaning tool
UH-H6H6™swivel, rotary coupling
UH-H9G12™swivel, rotary coupling
UH-H9H9™swivel, rotary coupling
UHS-H9H9™swivel, rotary coupling
VE-400™backout preventer, safety device
Warthog®tools, sewer nozzles
Warthog logo®
WD 1-1/4™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WG-1™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WGP-1™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WH-1/2™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WH-3/4™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WHP-3/4™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WS-1/2™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WT-3/8-C™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WU-3/8™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WU1/2™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle
WV-1/4™sewer cleaning tool, sewer nozzle