Outside diameter pipe OD cleaner thumb
Outside diameter pipe OD cleaner thumb

OD Pipe Cleaner

The StoneAge O.D. Pipe Cleaner is a powerful and affordable automated solution for cleaning the outer surface of drill pipes used in the oil and gas industry. The length of the system can be easily customized for permanent installation into pipe cleaning facilities providing consistent and efficient removal of drill mud, concrete, slag, or other exterior deposits on large volumes of pipe.


  • Can be adapted to a variety of pressures and flows for highest level of cleaning efficiency
  • Rotation and traverse speed are independently adjustable to customize dwell time
  • Several head options available for delivering more concentrated power or covering a wider cleaning path
  • Match the stroke length to the pipe sections being cleaned with simple auto-stops for efficient cleaning with no wasted time
  • Modular rail allows the assembly to be customized to any length
  • Fully automated operation delivers consistent and repeatable results when cleaning thousands of linear feet of pipe lengths

Compatible with:

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Tool Model OD Pipe Cleaner
Pressure Range Up to 40k psi 2800 bar
Flow Range Up to 50 gpm 190 l/min
Rotation Speed 50-1000 rpm
Linear Speed 7-40 ft/min 2.1-12 m/min
Air Supply 60 cfm @ 80 psi 100 m/hr @ 5.5 bar
Rail Length Up to 60 ft 18.3 m

Efficient Process Pipe Cleaning

Optimize blast settings for any deposit including cement, drill mud, paraffin, and NORM. The ID Pipe Cleaner is also ideal for use in the descaling or pickling process used in many steel foundries.