The Compass cleans perimeter tubes with ease. This remotely-operated indexing system delivers safe and accurate positioning for cleaning horizontal, vertical, and enclosed exchanger bundles.

  • Remote lancing of tubes improves operator safety and productivity
  • Modular design meets plant requirements for single man lift and manway access
  • Optional Confined Space Kit adapts the Compass for remote cleaning inside enclosed bundles
Download the Compass Brochure

Achieve complete tube cleaning around circular tube bundles with fewer stops to remount equipment

Package it with AutoPacks!

The AutoPack Compass combines the  Compass Positioner and the Confined Space Kit with a ProDrive single lance tractor to deliver an affordable and completely self-contained solution for exchanger or confined space tube cleaning applications.

Offered in several customizable packages, the AutoPack Compass includes equipment formerly known as the ProP-DBP and ProPositioner and the ProDrive (ABX-PRO) in a protective job box.