Torus positioning booms for tank cleaning

Extension Boom

The EB-100 Extension Boom allows the operator to raise and lower a 3D tool at different speed rates. The EB-100 boom utilizes a durable rack and pinion drive to position the vertical lance. The lance can be stopped at any height and offers a maximum stroke length of 12 feet, and the mounting flange can be customized to fit your tank opening.

We also offer a dual function Control Box which manages the air supply to the boom. The CB-2S controls the vertical position and linear speed of the lance. This control box can be modified to fit your specific application.

Compatible with:

TR130 TR200
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Tool Model EB-100
Maximum Pressure 12k psi 830 bar
Linear Speed 8-45 in./min 0.2-1.1 m/min
Maximum Stroke Length 12 ft 3.7 m
Inlet Connection 3/4" NPT

Positioning booms for more productive vessel cleaning

Positioners for 3-D tools allow you to place the tool closer to the surface to be cleaned and position the tool away from obstructions.