Manual confined space entry cleaning is incredibly dangerous and must be minimized. That’s why we created the Compass – the safest, most effective automated solution on the market for vertical, horizontal, and enclosed tube bundle cleaning.

The StoneAge Compass is an automated indexing device that delivers accurate tube-to-tube positioning for heat exchanger tube lancing. Built on the proven ProDrive™ tractor system, the Compass articulates in a radial motion from a single connecting point for complete cleaning all the way to the edge of the tube sheet. For ProDrive owners, the Compass is an affordable add-on to expand your service offerings and bottom line.


  • Remote lancing of tubes in confined-space applications
  • Precise indexing in low visibility conditions
  • Complete cleaning around circular tube bundles with fewer stops to re-mount equipment
  • Modular design meets plant requirements for single man lift and manway access
  • Easy to learn and operate - quick install with minimal tools

Compatible with:

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Tool Family Compass
Tool Model PROP-DBP
Weight, assembled 76.5 lb 34.7 kg
Usable Exchanger Diameter Range Inches: 60, 69 , 84 or 96 with rail extension Millimeters: 1524, 1753, 2134 or 2438 with rail extension
Input power requirements (camera system) 100-240V AC 1.8A

Compass Overview

Domed Bundle Tube Cleaning

The Compass eliminates manual cleaning of high-pressure tubes in confined heat exchanger bundles.