Industrial Theory Podcast

Listen to Episode 31 - Talking Terydon Cutting Systems with Mike Taylor, Director of Global Sales at StoneAge

Guest: Mike Taylor is the Director of Global Sales at StoneAge.

Episode in a Tweet: The Jack Track cutting system has transformed cold cutting from an exclusive, highly niche service in industrial cleaning to something that any contractor can perform successfully.

Summary: In this episode of Industrial Theory, host Kerry Siggins is joined by StoneAge’s director of global sales, Mike Taylor. Mike shares his perspective of the company’s recent acquisition of longtime competitor and industry legend, Terydon. Kerry and Mike discuss the plan for bringing Terydon products to StoneAge dealers and customers worldwide, beginning with the Jack Track cutting system. Mike details the inventors’ motivation to create a versatile cutting system with both flexible and rigid track, plus magnetic and suction attachment options. Mike shares how waterblast contractors can use the Jack Track to cut into door sheets and curved tanks, whether for demolition cuts or highly precise, clean lines for re-welding. Lastly, Mike and Kerry talk about differences between the wired and wireless versions of the Jack Track that contractors should keep in mind when purchasing or renting the system.

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