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Listen to Episode 17 - High-Pressure Hosing Innovation

Guest: Jerry Carter is the Vice President of Sales for Spir Star, a global leader in the production of high-pressure hoses designed with spiralized support of high-tensile steel wires. Jerry has over 20 years of experience with Spir Star, beginning his career in production and now overseeing the company’s sales, marketing, and commercial endeavors in North and South America.

Episode in a Tweet: Kerry Siggins interviews Jerry Carter, Vice President of Sales for Spir Star USA about Spir Star’s philosophy and hose innovation in the industrial cleaning industry.

Quick Background: Host Kerry Siggins is joined by Jerry Carter, Vice President of Sales for Spir Star USA. Headquartered in Germany, Spir Star produces advanced hoses and fittings, as well as valves, adapters, and quick disconnects for various high-pressure applications. Jerry shares his experience starting on Spir Star’s production team, to taking part in expanding the company’s customer markets and product lines over the past two decades. Kerry and Jerry detail the engineering that goes into designing, manufacturing, and assembling hoses, including Spir Star’s innovation efforts like experimentation with new materials. Jerry also shares his insight on hose care, common assumptions about hose failure, and the advancements he’s most excited about in the industrial cleaning industry.

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