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Listen to Episode 16 - Sentinel Automation Technology: A New Era for the Industrial Cleaning Industry

Guest: Adam Markham is the Director of Engineering and Technology at StoneAge. With a strong passion for engineering, Adam previously spent over a decade in government telecommunications and has extensive experience making complex systems work in technically complex markets. Adam earned a Master of Science in Computer Science from The Johns Hopkins University and a BSE in Mechanical Engineering.

Episode in a Tweet: Listen as Kerry Siggins and Adam Markham discuss Sentinel Automation Technology – how it was built, how it changes the way heat exchangers are cleaned, and how the technology marks a new era for the industrial cleaning industry.

Quick Background: Host Kerry Siggins is joined by Adam Markham, Director of Engineering and Technology at StoneAge for a conversation about Sentinel Automation Technology. Adam explains the journey that has led to Sentinel Automation Technology, including how his experience engineering products for the U.S. military influenced Sentinel’s rugged and extremely reliable design. Adam and Kerry discuss the advanced technology features that make Sentinel different from anything in the industrial cleaning market today. Plus, Adam previews what StoneAge has in store for the technology, including expanding the functionality to applications like confined spaces cleaning.

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