Waterblast Solutions Video Gallery

StoneAge Solutions has the technical knowledge and industry experience to engineer custom solutions to complex waterblasting problems. We can provide innovative equipment to complete the job and increase production.

The videos below document custom projects with field-proven waterblast cleaning applications.

Cyclone Back Wall Cleaner
StoneAge offers a variety of cleaning solutions for difficult power plant applications like Cyclone cleaning. We offer automated machines to replace man entry cleaning. The system shown here can handle a wide range of pressures and flows. The system enters through a small diameter port, automatically expands, and then rotates at adjustable speeds, cleaning one half of the typical Cyclone vessel.
Bundle Blaster
The StoneAge Bundle Blaster is an excellent alternative to the completely automated crane and trailer system. This system is portable, can be ordered and modified to fit many different lengths of exchangers, can be anchored to the floor or on rollers, and is offered at a fraction of the cost of other equipment on the market.

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