Torus TR 130

3-D Tank, Boiler, and Vessel Cleaning

The Torus is a powerful and highly adaptable 3-D cleaning tool designed to easily adjust to a wide range of pump capacities, working pressures, and cleaning applications. The Torus 3-D Cleaner is ideal for:

  • Effective cleaning of tanks/vessels
  • Boiler applications

Features & Benefits

Tool feature: How this helps:
Interchangeable manifolds and multiple inlet options Maximum flexibility for up to 80 gpm and working pressures from 2K to 22K psi
Durable, bolted body casing Designed for increased tool longevity and easy tool maintenance in the field
Compact design Fits openings as small as 5.25"
Jet-powered rotation Balanced jets provide superior 360° cleaning; if tool hits an obstruction, it simply stops spinning
Simple speed control adjustment Easily change rotation for heavier deposits or faster material removal
Hand tool accessible seals and grease fittings Quick maintenance for reduced down time
External cooling recesses and advanced drive system Keep tool running cooler
Increased number and placement
of weep holes
Help to easily identify a worn seal
High grade OCV nozzles Ensure excellent jetting results and hours of trouble-free operation
Expandable nipple extensions Deliver maximum jet power for different size vessels by putting nozzles closer to the target surface
Torus accessories available Further extend tool functionality


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Torus TR 130

Maximum Pressure 2-22k psi (140-1500 bar)
Maximum Flow 10-80 gpm (38-300 l/min)
Flow Coefficient 2.10 Cv
Power 30-1000 hp (22-735 kW)
Cycle Time 4-24 minutes
Rotation Speed Adjustable
Inlet Connections P16, P12, M16, M12, 24mm
Entry Diameter 5.1 in. (130 mm)
Outlet Ports G12
Weight 35 lb (16 kg)



The first time we cleaned this tank, it had been about ten years since it was installed and it took us 9 days with jackhammers. 40K would not touch it. We filled up a 20 yard rolloff with this material having to carry it in 5 gallon buckets. A year later we had a Torus and a 325HP Jetstream. We cleaned it in less than 8 hours. The Torus was awesome.

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