Floor and Grate Cleaners

Floor Cleaners
Floor Cleaners
Pressure Range 15k or 20k psi
Flow Range 28 gpm Max.
Jet Path 24 in. (610 mm)
Height Range 1-5″
Weight 255 lbs
Rotation Speed 300-1000 rpm

Deck Blasters

Deck Blaster
Deck & Surface Cleaner
Pressure Range 40k psi Max.
Flow Range 6 gpm Max.
Jet Path 14 in. (350 mm)
Surface Speed 3-20 f/min
Weight 215 lbs
Rotation Speed 300-800 rpm

StoneAge Paint Grate Cleaners

Paint Grate Cleaner
For Automobile Assembly Plants
Pressure Range 40k psi Max.
Flow Range 10 gpm Max.
Jet Path 17 in. (430 mm)
Number of Jets 4 x OS6
Weight 160 lbs
Rotation Speed 1000-1500 rpm