StoneAge Solutions

Custom Projects Idea Book
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  • Cyclone cleaning
  • Large tunnel cleaning
  • On line boiler cleaning
  • Automotive paint grate cleaning
  • Portable, external bundle blasting
  • Internal & External drill pipe cleaning
  • Specialists in Coke and Refractory removal
  • Piers & Pilings, both above and below sea level
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What is StoneAge Solutions?
StoneAge Solutions
is the professional service division of StoneAge, Inc. It provides the following:

  • Custom Engineered Waterblasting Solutions
  • Technical Support on all StoneAge Products
  • Product Repairs
  • New Product Field Testing

Why are we creating StoneAge Solutions?
We believe that providing these services directly to our Dealers, contractors, plants, and other end users allows us to learn how our tools are being used in the field and gives us perspective on how to better design our products. Our focus is on developing the best tools in the market and it is imperative that we receive feedback from those using our tools. These direct services also allow us to provide a level of customer service that is unprecedented in the industry. If you have a question about a tool, need a tool repaired, would like to test a new tool, or have a suggestion on how we can improve a product or develop a new product, please give us a call.

What types of custom projects does StoneAge Solutions take on?
Our customers often have applications that require a unique waterblast solution. Based on the specification of the project and the type of surface being cleaned, we will design the necessary system needed to properly and effectively do the job.  These systems typically are built around StoneAge Tools products and require engineering staff time.

Can you describe a typical custom project?
A simple example would be a custom Cyclone cleaner. We can design an automated system that will clean the back wall of a cyclone based on its size and shape. We require all of the necessary information required to design the systems such as the specifications and dimensions of the cyclone, obstructions or access limitations, pressure and flow requirements, etc.

I have a need for StoneAge Solutions. Who do I call?
You may work directly with StoneAge or through a certified StoneAge Solutions Dealer. StoneAge does require that our engineers talk directly with the end user so that we ensure we have all required information to design the equipment properly.