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StoneAge Announces the NEW WARTHOG® WGP-1™
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Dear {FIRST_NAME|StoneAge Customer},
Meet our newest WARTHOG® sewer nozzle.
  • For 8"- 36" Lines (203-914 mm)
  • Stronger Forward Thrust
  • Handles Longer Lines
  • Easy Field Maintenance
  • Replaceable Nozzle Tips

The new WGP-1™ has been designed to produce more thrust than existing tools available today. The rear facing jets have been angled more sharply and the centralizer fins have been trimmed back. The result is more pulling power to handle longer lines, extra distance and moderate inclines.

It features 5 jet ports, including a boring jet offset at 15 degrees, and four jets at 155 degrees. The inlet port comes in either 1 npt or BSPP. This tool will greatly benefit contractors with operating pressures of 2,500 psi or less (172 bar or less).

We also offer a special combination case with a WG-1 Classic™ with the WGP-1™ plus a descaling head, featured below.
Warthog Case

Please refer to the attached data sheet for more specifications.

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NEW! Instructional video on how to service your WGP-1™.
Featuring information on how to disassemble your WGP-1™, including removal of the retaining ring. WGP-1™ Instructional Video

Also available is our instructional sheet explaining how to service the WGP-1™. Click here to download the PDF.

What's the difference between the WG-1™ and the WGP-1™?
This video expains the important differences.

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